Silicon Valley Сo-founder As a Service

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A lot of startups realize the benefits they can get out of being in Silicon Valley - the startup capital of the world.

Not everyone can move, especially if there’s a growing business to run in your home market.

Hiring consultants is expensive. Hiring full-time staff is premature, if you are not yet ready to expand to the U.S. operationally.

What you need is a co-founder - a person who will act like local founders do: attend events, hustle and search for those first clients and partners, break the ice of those first sales and act as evangelists for your product.

Maria Adamian

Ground Control

Startup communities activist, angel investor, and business development professional. Maria's background includes developing businesses in energy, IT, education, real estate, and non-profit sectors, both in the US and internationally. Holds MBA in International Business from Albers School of Business and Economics.

Peter Tatischev

Startup Revisionist

Peter is an ex-director of Founder Institute in Silicon Valley, one of the biggest business accelerator programs worldwide. A tech entrepreneur in online and mobile. Producer of the European chapter of the acclaimed DEMO conference. Graduate of the Judge Business School, University of Cambridge.